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Women Suffering From Anxiety And Neck Pain

Anxiety And Neck Tension – Causing Neck Pain?

Neck pain can be disabling. It prevents you from doing a variety of everyday activities. It may even interrupt your sleep. So if you’re experiencing neck pain and anxiety at the same time, you might be asking can anxiety cause neck pain?

Neck pain from stress and anxiety is a real problem. Read on to discover the connection between these two phenomena, as well as how to relieve neck pain.

The Anxiety-Neck Pain Connection

Stress causes several issues in the body. It is not just a mental effect, but also a physical one. Stress has been shown to create pain, discomfort, and even serious health issues. So I have no doubt about it. Anxiety and stress can absolutely result in physical pain in the body, including neck pain.

This is often because of a boost in stress hormones like cortisol or adrenaline. These make your muscles tense, which ultimately leads to muscle fatigue, inflammation, and overactive nerves.

That’s why it’s important to consult with experts for pain management in Des Moines.

Relieving Neck Pain Due To Stress And Anxiety

Having a tense neck from anxiety is what causes most neck pain. When your muscles contract all the time, they build up acid and become inflamed. This can also radiate to your head, shoulders, and back.

So the longer that anxiety goes untreated, the longer the neck pain continues. Ways to control anxiety-induced neck pain.

There are a variety of things you can do to reduce your anxiety and your neck pain. Some of them address anxiety, which indirectly reduces neck pain. Others directly affect the neck pain itself.

Anti-inflammatory medications

Medicine like ibuprofen, Advil, and other NSAIDs can reduce anxiety and neck tightness in the body. Ultimately this puts less pressure on the nerves, so you feel less pain.

Hot Baths

Relaxing your muscles with hot water, steam, or otherwise hot temperatures is effective for reducing pain. It allows your muscles to relax and ease the tension.


Sometimes your muscles can become tense because they’re not being used enough. So light to moderate exercise can help improve blood flow and ultimately improve the strength of your muscles so they don’t get tired as easily.

Changing Your Pillow

You may be sleeping at an odd angle for your neck. Your neck should maintain a straight curvature as you sleep. Otherwise, it can create muscle knots, which lead to pain.


Reducing anxiety through meditation has been proven to have a variety of health benefits. It increases hormones that make you feel better while decreasing stress hormones that cause pain and discomfort.

Pain Treatment

Your local pain treatment center can help you undergo a variety of pain therapies. This might include physical therapy, injections, medicines, and more. Consult with a doctor to determine if therapy done by a pain clinic is right for you.

Reduce anxiety and neck pain

The pain relief experts at Central States Pain Clinic can help you understand why your neck hurts. Through a combination of techniques that relieve anxiety and the neck pain directly, you can finally feel at ease once again with neck pain treatment in Des Moines, IA. That way you’re free to enjoy life with your loved ones and focus on what you truly enjoy.